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Couples Massage and Couples Classes can only be scheduled via the telephone. Software program is not able to book couples appointments. 952.440.6000


Massage Cupping

It wakes the body up and makes it feel invigorated, at the same time producing a profound level of healing through nervous system sedation.
It stimulates the skin by increasing circulation while separating fused tissue layers and draining lymph to promote a smooth appearance and healthy glow.
It works deeper by loosening adhesions, facilitating the muscles to operate more independently and stimulating healthy elimination of accumulated debris in the tissues, organs and systems.

Massage cupping pulls/sucks up skin and can leave "hicky" like marks.  These bruised looking marks do not hurt, however, they do look unattractive.  They can last for a few days, same as a "hicky". 

All clients who want massage cupping must sign a release form agreeing they understand marks may be a side effect.

Massage cupping can be added to any service for an additional $20.00/hour.


Couples Massage need to be scheduled via the telephone. 952.440.6000

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Mailing List receive E.Subscriber only Discounts.